Position Consulting

Every firm’s needs are different when it comes to positioning and growth. Anusia’s approach is highly inquisitive. Anusia will meet with your team and ask a lot of questions about your unique challenges, to then create a tailored strategy. For this reason, a specific case study does not speak to all clients. Accordingly, offered below is an example of the process that Anusia may use in working together to position your firm in an inimitable niche to gain traction and launch your growth.

  1. Needs Assessment. Anusia meets with decision-makers to decipher their agreed upon goals and expectations. She then “audits” current efforts, which may include a questionnaire to all professionals to gather information with respect to their client bases, perceived value-adds, and referral sources. With this information, as well as research on clients and competitors, Anusia will then create a cohesive positioning strategy that unites the diverse practice areas of the firm.
  2. Visual Identity. While not necessary for all firms, an updated visual identity to match the positioning strategy is often recommended. Anusia’s graphic design and development team will create a visual style that the firm can then use throughout all of its marketing collateral.
  3. Strategic Partnerships and Opportunities. Once the niche is carved, it is time to launch. Anusia will work with your team to develop strategic partnerships and business opportunities that will launch your firm’s growth.

Anusia is the trusted advisor for professional services providers. With degrees and experience in both law and business, she understands the difficulty in striking the right the balance between being clear, engaging and approachable in your messaging while remaining focused on your expertise, professionalism, dedication to your clients, and serious emphasis on results. Working with Anusia will save you time in implementing an effective growth strategy and will yield systematized, sustainable growth.