Career Clarity

Anusia changed my life!

Anusia is a talented, highly skilled and thoughtful coach and advisor. Anusia provided me with the tools and direction to make the leap into the next chapter of my career after my 24 years in private practice. She helped me sort through the challenge of transition.

Anusia helped me identify my greatest strengths and successes as well as my blind spots about my skill set and mindset. She pushed me to find what I actually wanted to do next with my career and encouraged me to follow a path that suited me.

Throughout my job search, Anusia gave me guidance and direction. She provided leads and made introductions for me. She gave me guidance and feedback and wise counsel.

Anusia kept me on track with a well mapped plan on how to network effectively, leverage my experience and focus my search. She always listened and lifted me up when the inevitable stress associated with a job search crept into my head.

Anusia is a tremendous teacher, listener and supporter. Her background and experience make her uniquely qualified to help attorneys realize what they aspire to do with their law degree at any stage of their career.

I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with Anusia. She promised me things would work out well and they have. I am a happy lawyer!

Anusia’s credibility, creativity and compassion make her exceptional at what she does. I feel fortunate to now call her my friend. I recommend her without hesitation.

Rachel M. Harrington
Director of Legal Affairs and Special Projects
Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc.