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What’s Your Q1 2017 Business Strategy?


Below is a tool to use in planning for 2017. Whether you are responsible for your firm’s strategy, or your individual practice growth, answering these questions will clarify your goals and provide a strategy for achieving them.

(1) Reviewing 2016.

What are you proud of?
What didn’t work as planned?
What was your revenue per service, and where did it come from?
What are the gaps between your 2016 goals that you did not meet and your efforts to achieve them?
(2) Vision for 2017.
What do you want your practice to look like in 2020?
What needs to be accomplished in 2017 to support that growth?
Of those objectives, what are the top three priorities?
(3) Business Strategy to Support Those Goals.
For each priority, what are the action items?
Which action items must you implement in Q1 2017, and which can wait until Q2?
What do you need to do now to implement the Q1 items in January?
(4) Personal Strategy to Support You.
What are your proven strengths, and how can you continue to leverage them?
Where are your skills gaps?
Who or what can fill those gaps?
How will you remain accountable?

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