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Anusia specializes in creating successful and sustainable practices through developing business opportunities and providing talent support that accelerates growth and produces engagement.

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Anusia Gillespie, JD, MBA Founder


A fourth year associate with Fragomen Worldwide, an Am Law 100 Firm, came to us for branding direction. By uncovering her business development initiatives, we discovered her niche for supporting women in startups, and put her values into action. Together, we created an event catered to females in the world of startups, Vino & Vinyasa. The event was a huge success, with nearly twice as many attendees as expected, including praise from a firm partner who remarked that she had created momentum for the firm.

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Anusia works with professional services firms, small and solo practitioners, companies, legal organizations and graduate schools in providing consulting solutions and seminars devoted to progressing professional success through business development and branding, firm engagement and retention, and incentivizing millennials in the multigenerational firm.


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Join our community for branding and networking tips, workshops, and events.