In my new book, co-authored with Dr. Heidi K. Gardner, we offer forward thinking law firms a research-based approach to the increasingly challenging process of hiring and integrating lateral lawyers and business professionals. The data tells the story–and that our systems work….in fact, that’s how I ended up at Eversheds Sutherland.”

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The proposal for structured, behavioral-style interviews in stage 2 of this book’s 3-stage process makes so much more sense than ad-hoc interviews with whatever associates and partners have the time. I definitely recommend this book for lawyers and law firm professionals concerned with recruiting and retaining top talent!

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This book shines a light on the recruiting and integration processes in place at law firms, offers a practical approach to improve them and even supplies off-the-shelf resources to use and adapt to the firm’s specific needs in implementation.

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Innovation must be simple and focused to produce the intended result.

Meanwhile, the business of law has grown into increasingly complex business structures. To innovate in this context, rigorous analysis must occur across the firm — from talent and teams to technology, pricing and operations — followed by the data-driven and systematic practice of implementation.

Lateral Talent: The Firms That Get it Right Will Emerge the Victors

Law firms are in a battle for talented lawyers and business professionals, with one prime talent objective across all: problem-solving power.  And, the fight is on.  Competitors are circling to steal your best talent, thereby crippling a firm’s ability to leverage cross-disciplinary expertise to solve both client problems and business of law problems.  Compounding the service challenges, the costs of losing lateral hires are astronomical.  So, how do firms find the right lateral hires, retain expensive talent investments, ensure their productively and ultimately enhance the firm’s viability?  The researched-backed 3-stage approach outlined in this book is your new blueprint to win the war for talent.

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The Discipline of Innovation

Although my role tends to be the “idea person” on any given team, I have learned that my contributions as an innovator result equally from  my disciplined, analytic approach and native creativity.  I look to qualitative and quantitative data to inform the innovation process at my law firm — identifying both opportunities and realizable, systemic solutions consistent with the firm’s culture and strategic plan.

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